Grace & Shine Boutique 
Founders Francisco & Grace
They are a NYC power couple who joined forces to amplify your style by bringing you creative, unique & stylish products 
Francisco was born in the multicultural City of Brooklyn and as a photographer he has developed the artsy eye. His love for the 80's culture is strong and the influence of his proudly Puerto rican roots makes his designs full of vibrant colors creating outstanding yet elegant color schemes. His passion for art allows him to appreciate extraordinary work from others and you will see him often collaborating with artist around the globe to bring us the most amazing designs for G&S collections. 
Grace was born in Peru and ended up falling in love with NY & Francisco. As a former Hair Stylist always had appreciation for art and the love to enhance beauty on other . Since 2011 she started a new path which involved jewelry and accessories allowing her to continue enhancing beauty and amplify style to others.
Feeling that the time was right to start their own business Francisco and Grace started Grace & Shine Boutique in which will allowed them to share with you their vision, taste and creativity.
Grace and Francisco are very proud of what they both have accomplished as a couple. Starting by been proud parents of a beautiful adopted orange cat. who fill their hearts with love and with the idea to help others. Therefore you will see them from time to time try to help to the misfortunate by donating to shelters or different organization who helps people & animals in need.
Thank You For Your Support